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How to Find Your Model Number: Tips from Bowen’s Appliance Repair

Not Sure How to Find a Model Number?

Are you unsure about where to look when asked about your appliance’s model number? Bowen’s Appliance Repair Service has assembled this handy reference list separated by category of appliance.


Most microwaves have their serial and model numbers either behind their door, on the front of the unit, on their side control panel, inside on the upper left-hand side or on the back of the unit.


Refrigerators typically have model numbers on the doorjamb of their cabinet on the inside, along their inside wall in either the refrigerator or freezer area or behind their kick plate on the bottom of the unit.


You can find most range/stove/oven model numbers by looking underneath their fuse cover on top, on the right-hand side of their burner box, underneath their burner, in the lower left-hand corner of their inside cabinet, on the outside bottom of their cabinet, in the lower drawer doorjamb when the drawer is open or in the upper left-hand corner of their cabinet.


Dishwasher model numbers are generally found on the underside of the control panel, in the upper left-hand corner of the frame, on the left, right or center of the doorjamb or along the left, right and center of the inside of their door.


You should be able to find the model number on your dryer by looking at its cabinet frame (inside the door), on its cabinet side near the front or on the back of your unit in the upper left-hand corner.


Most washers have their model numbers underneath their lid, along the left-hand lower corner on the front of the unit, along the upper left corner on the back of the unit, along the back of the control panel or inside the right corner of their lid.


When looking for your freezer’s model number, be sure to check along the wall inside the unit, along the left or right side of the unit or on its back near the top.

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